About Our Hair

Our fusion hair extensions are provided from Di Biase Hair Extenstions USA. All the hair is 100% Human Indian Remy hair which means that all the hair lies in the same direction to prevent matting and tangling. They use keratin color-matched bonds that perfectly match the nautral hair so it makes it nearly impossible to detect the bond as it's growing out.

What is Fusion?

Fusion is the process of individually attaching the bonds to a small section of the hair by using a hot tool that is applied to the keratin. Once the keratin is heated, it is then folded onto the small section of natural hair. We use a folding method rather than a rolling method to prevent any damage to the hair. With proper care, these extensions should last 4-6 months and will eventually need to be replaced as the normal hair grows out. 

Application Method

Highlights: create highlights/ color effects without chemicals
Quarter Head: Lengthing or thickening the bangs or adding volume to the hair
Half Head: Lengthing the back of the sides of the head adding volume or making assymetric lines
Three Quarters Head: lengthing everything except the top
Whole Head: creates density, length and volume


Consulation Fee: $25.00 (waived if hair is purchased)
Installation Fee: $30.00 an hour
Hair: varies depending on length of hair wanted and how many packs needed for desired appliaction method
Straight or Wavy Pricing:                  Curly Hair Pricing:
 12''-$40.00/pack                                   12"-14"-$40.00/pack 
 16"-$50.00/pack                                   16"-18"-$50.00/pack 
20"-$60.00/pack                                   20"-22"$60.00/pack
*A non refundable deposit is required when purchasing hair. This deposit will cover the cost of the hair and will be deducted from the total appliaction fee
*Installion fee and shipping costs will be owed on the time of service
*Pricing includes replacements or removal of hair up to one month
*Pricing includes cut and style
*Minimum order is three packs
Example of Pricing:
Length Wanted: 16" straight
Application Method: Whole Head
# of Packs: 5
Total Price of hair:$250(5x50)
6% Tax:$15.00
Required Deposit: $265.00 (250+15)
Installion Fee: $60.00 (30x3)
Shipping Fee: $10.00
Total Cost: $335.00